roof sheet pvc

  • plastic roof sheet upvc material
  • plastic roof sheet upvc material
  • plastic roof sheet upvc material
  • plastic roof sheet upvc material
  • plastic roof sheet upvc material

Where is roof panel PVC used?

Roof panel PVC is used in many applications, such as roofing, siding, skylights, and awnings. It is also used to line walls, floors, and ceilings in buildings, as well as to construct greenhouses and other structures.

plastic roof sheet upvc material plastic roof sheet upvc material

plastic roof sheet upvc material

What are the characteristics of roof panel PVC?

1. Durability: PVC roof panels are highly durable, with a lifespan that can exceed 25 years.
2. Water Resistance: PVC roof panels are waterproof and have excellent resistance to water damage.
3. Fire Resistance: PVC roof panels are fire-resistant, providing an extra layer of protection for your home or business.
4. Low Maintenance: PVC roof panels require minimal maintenance, as they do not need to be painted or sealed.
5. Lightweight: PVC roof panels are lightweight, making them easy to install and transport.
6. Cost-Effective: PVC roof panels are cost-effective, providing a long-lasting, affordable roofing solution.
7. Versatility: PVC roof panels are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.
8. Environmental Benefits: PVC roof panels are an environmentally friendly roofing option, as they are made from recycled materials and do not emit hazardous gases.

plastic roof sheet upvc material


Product name ASA Spanish style roof tile
Width 720mm/880mm/1050mm
Length Customized, but consider of container inner length, 20′ max length-5.8m, 40′ max length-11.8m.
Thickness 2.0mm/2.3mm/2.5mm/3.0mm
Color Any color
Material PVC+UPVC+ASA Synthetic resin
Surface ASA
Advantages Anti-corrrosion,Heat insulation,Light weight,Fire proof,Color stable,UV-resistant,Anti-impact,Good sound-proof,Environmental friendly,Waterproof
Application Wall,roof,warhouse,villa
Warranty 25years

Each product has a price range, what causes the price difference?
The price may vary depending on thickness, quality requirements, FOB unit cost, quantity, detailed requirements, etc. Therefore, in order to give you the most suitable price, please consult your detailed requirements, including the following information:
A. Item description, material name, color,
B. Specification, slab or cut size, thickness, edge type, surface treatment, etc.
C. Quantity

What is your delivery time?
Delivery time is 30-35 days after manufacturing starts.

What are the benefits for long-term importers or distributors?
For those regular customers, we offer unbelievable discounts, free shipping for samples, free samples for custom designs, custom packaging and QC as per custom requirements.

How can we trust your company?
We have been specialized in Roofing Material business for many years, headquartered in Langfang City, Hebei Province. Welcome to visit.

How about a sample?
We can send you the samples, but freight charges will be charged. After the order is confirmed, we will refund the courier fee. Do not worry.

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