gray polycarbonate sheets

  • Gray PC Sunshine Board
  • Gray PC Sunshine Board
  • Gray PC Sunshine Board
  • Gray PC Sunshine Board
  • Gray PC Sunshine Board
  • Gray PC Sunshine Board

Application scenarios of gray polycarbonate sheets

1. Greenhouses: Gray polycarbonate sheets offer great insulation and create a comfortable working environment for plants and crops.

2. Skylights: Gray polycarbonate sheets are a great option for skylights as they are highly durable and offer excellent light transmission.

3. Outdoor Structures: Gray polycarbonate sheets are ideal for outdoor structures such as canopies, patio covers, and gazebos, as they provide a good balance of light transmission and excellent UV protection.

4. Glazing: Gray polycarbonate sheets are often used in glazing applications, such as in window frames and skylights, to provide a strong and durable glazing solution.

5. Signage: Gray polycarbonate sheets are great for signage as they are lightweight and durable, and offer excellent light transmission for illuminated signs.

Gray PC Sunshine Board Gray PC Sunshine Board

gray polycarbonate sheets performance

1. Gray polycarbonate sheets are lightweight yet very strong and durable, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

2. Gray polycarbonate sheets have high impact strength and are resistant to cracking, shattering, and splitting.

3. They are also UV- and weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

4. Gray polycarbonate sheets are chemical-resistant and can withstand most industrial and household chemicals.

5. They have a high resistance to thermal shock, making them suitable for high-temperature applications.

6. Gray polycarbonate sheets have a high light transmission rate, which makes them ideal for use in skylights, greenhouses, and atriums.

7. They are also fire-retardant, making them suitable for use in public buildings.

8. Gray polycarbonate sheets are easy to cut and shape, making them suitable for custom applications.


Gray PC Sunshine Board Gray PC Sunshine Board Gray PC Sunshine Board

100% virgin material.
Clear, Blue, Opal ,Green, Bronze or Customized.
The standard width can be 2.1m or 1.22m.
5800mm, 6000mm, 11800mm. Other size is available.
UV protection
Free samples can be sent to you for test.

Can you do specially designed products or customer projects?
Yes. You can tell us your size or give us your drawings; we can process the products according to your requirements.

What are your payment terms?
Payment <= 1000 USD, 100% in advance. Payment >= USD 1000, 30% T/T in advance, balance based on BL copy or LC at sight.

Is it possible to inspect the goods before loading?
Yes, all customers are warmly welcome to inspect the goods before loading.

What are the terms of delivery?

How about a sample?
We can send you the samples, but freight charges will be charged. After the order is confirmed, we will refund the courier fee. Do not worry.

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