About Us

China Roof Tile manufacturers, since its establishment in 2000, has been focusing on providing professional, high-quality and affordable plastic film materials for our customers, specializing in professional, high-quality products, high-quality services, and preferential prices. The main products are: anti-corrosion Tile, anti-corrosion board, resin tile, lighting tile, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, plastic steel tile, plastic steel anti-corrosion tile, glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion tile, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile lighting tile, door head tile, etc., pvc plastic steel tile, new anti-corrosion tile, resin tile, door head tile, etc. Roof wall tiles. The advantages of our products are as follows
1. Weather resistance, not easy to age, no deformation, no weathering and peeling at 65 degrees Celsius.
2. Good thermal insulation and heat preservation effect (thermal conductivity 0.14kcl/mhr degrees Celsius)
3. No class of asbestos carcinogenic microbial pollution, in line with world health standards
4. No moss, prevent the growth of microbial attachments under the correct construction, strong wind resistance (120 miles per hour strong wind resistance).
5. The texture is tough and impact-resistant, even if the wheel is run over, it can be restored to its original state (drawing strength 42Mpa).
6. Reliable, open fire does not support combustion, fire resistance index name test method test results Toughness folding without breaking wind resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging, bending resistance, strength resistance, weather resistance. It has the characteristics of continuous molding, infinite extension, light weight and high strength, aging resistance, light transmission, flame retardant, smooth surface, random coloring, maintenance-free, green environmental protection, etc. Greenhouses, stadiums, aquaculture and other places.